Kenny Gs Quality Trees

Thank you so much for taking the time to view my web site.  I am excited about this site coming online as it streamlines important information for you to view at your convenience.  I feel it is also important for you as a consumer to know a little about the people you do business with.  The following is a very condensed version of where I started and where I am now.

My name is Kenny Gierhart.  I am the owner of Kenny G’s Quality Trees LLC. I have been growing trees on the Mesa in Pueblo, Colorado since 1995. However the adventure began 15 years earlier when as a young man my father encouraged me to take advantage of many of the natural resources available in the area.  In the spring and fall I would harvest trees from the local mountains by hand digging them with a shovel.  It was hard work and as you can imagine production was slow. In 1995 I purchased my first tree spade and a small field, just under two acres, where I began growing my own trees.  As of today there are over 50 acres of shade, ornamental, and evergreen trees in production. I typically service the I-25 corridor from Wyoming to New Mexico, however I can and will ship trees nationwide.

Pueblo is located about 100 miles south of Denver, CO.  The Mesa lies on the east side of Pueblo and has a rich history of farming.  It is also home to the some of the finest vegetables and chilis along the front range.  Kenny G’s is one of the largest nurseries in Southern Colorado.  This is due in part to our moderate climate, our fertile soil and available water.  Although our tree numbers are large for our area, I prefer the small town approach to business.  Every phone call or transaction is made with the person who can make decisions. I am a company dedicated to growing the highest quality trees at a reasonable price.   I purchase our starter trees called whips from the most reputable nurseries in Oregon and Iowa.  These whips are lined out in the fields where they are staked, pruned, fertilized and irrigated until harvest time which depending on the variety will range from three to six years. All of my trees are harvested mechanically with Vermeer, Caretree, and Big John tree spades.   All trees are shipped balled and burlaped.  I take great pride in the ability to dig and ship a quality product. I currently ship trees ranging in size from 1.5” to 8”.   Customer satisfaction always has been and always will be my #1 goal.  If it is trees you need, I would love to hear from you.  If you are in the area please stop by and see us, the coffee pot is always on.